Climbalyser stitches your climbing videos into stabilized "full wall" videos. Upload 2 videos, wait a couple of minutes and you will receive your result! Feel free to move around while taking videos, the images will be stitched together into a "single view" video.

NOTE: Videos are automatically deleted after 7 days.

Video Upload


Current limitations are:

  1. Single wall: There can only be one wall in the video. If there are multiple walls, some of parts will not look good in the final video
  2. Flat wall: The wall must be fairly flat. Curved walls or walls with larger volumes will still be processed but might give inferior results
  3. Single person: There can only be one person on the wall. The system is able to handle persons spuriously walking in and out of the image, but can not handle more than one person for a longer time

The shorter the files are the faster they will be process.

Once complete you will receive an email with the results for download (if you provide email). Otherwise, please do not close the page you get redirected to after submitting the file. The status of your session will be show there and a link to the result provided once the video is successfully processed.